Invasion night

An invasion is coming, be ready.

I had only the night to prepare for everything that might happen at any moment, if in the event of not being ready, well i won’t expect a happy ending anytime soon. I had a mission, a mission more important than my own life. protecting myself and my family from a secret invasion that only a few knew about. i simply happened to be one of the lucky or unlucky few, i could have died and i wouldn’t know about it. but survival is the only thing im looking forward to do. For that i didn’t have much of a choice but to get my stuff together and be ready at any moment of disaster. All night just like that, awake and waiting while everyone slept happily it was all one me and whoever knew about it beforehand. My heart is racing at top speed but then just at that moment my wife woke up and it happened, she saw me and knew something was wrong. i didn’t want to frighten her so i said “Hey honey, just woke up to get some water, did a nightmare woke you up?” she replied ” No i woke up because i thought i heard a sound of some noise getting louder”. i knew it at that moment, my heart started making sounds so loud it was impossible to not feel it’s presence. I try to assure her that she’s imagining it and she got back to sleep. Thankfully that night the invasion didn’t happen. i would never forget that feeling, the isolation. the sweat, the heart beating. While that night was safe. Not every night is safe. But i’m glad i got to live another day with my beloved ones.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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