Night of the unlucky

My luck ran out at night

When i’d already had a bad unlucky day, things only got worse at night. First of all i can’t sleep and i can’t stop thinking of all the bad things happened to me today. I wanted to cry myself to sleep but that didn’t seem to work. There is no water in my body to even make myself cry, very dry and unhealthy. My phone rang, it was an unknown number. I thought to myself this is what will save me from all of this misery. I pick up and say
“hello?”. at first i don’t hear anything for the next 30 seconds other than the sound of owls screams. which freaked me out even more than i should be. i was dead sure i may die any second. but then i heard a faint voice “wake up…. wake……up….” beep. the line cut off. Now i’m done for, a second after that i realized that my littler sister was trying to wake me up. i’m back to real life, my life is saved!. Finally i wake up and pat her on the head for waking me from a very bad nightmare. my luck may have been bad, but others luck will help me have a good luck.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

2 thoughts on “Night of the unlucky”

  1. Jesamo…thanks for liking my site. I sense you are having some real challenges, and I wonder where you are located. Challenges or not, there is a real purity there in what you right. Please read my About. I hope my posts encourage you.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! highly appreciated. i’m from the U.A.E. and i have been writing for a long time but most of it or almost all of it never saw the light. Thankfully through the power of internet i finally can and i hope you will enjoy it too. 🙂


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