Road of the night

Just driving to work at night

The night was as dark as can be, i was driving to my night job. The road is long and lonely, i always kept thinking of my family and loved ones but that didn’t bring them back to me, not at that moment. I felt the car shaking so much i was worried when i was halfway through the road. This is the worst thing i could have imagined but that didn’t stop it from happening. i stopped and got out to see whats wrong. However nothing felt strange about it. Then what could have made my car feel like it was shaking?. i felt no need to wait, and went after my job before i lose it. but then the car shook again. Right then i panicked inside. my life never felt so miserable and bad. it wasn’t too long before i finally arrived at my work place. i did my job, not so well. My mind was all in my car.
restlessness consumed me. i came back to my senses and then remembered that the car shook because the wind was too strong. i was lost in my thoughts thinking about everything that didn’t make sense to think of, the sudden realization made me laugh at my self for being out of this world. its one thing i’m not so good at, being where i have to be and doing what i have to do. That night somehow made me much happier. not for not paying attention but for the fact that not everything you think bad of, will be bad.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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