Life changing night

How fear changed my life

the clock turned backwards. Everything slowly got back to what it was originally. the world turned around and stopped me from making any progress in my life, until i woke up again, this time at night. sweating all over my bed. it was 3:00 AM and at that moment my mind froze in its place. The clock was back again making progress toward the future, then i thought about my own future. to be clear here i don’t think of my future much so, this time is special. it didn’t take much thinking, the future looked grim for me. Hoping for the best i take a stroll around town in my pajamas, surely no one is awake right now, other than the cats that sleep in the morning and other creatures i have yet to know about. The future, something i cannot control. but something i can look forward to.
only if my life was good, which it is not. i have spent most of my life alone, going to school and having no friends. eating by my self. sitting at home and looking at the world with my own eyes that teared blood. but that night is what changed my whole thinking. there i was strolling, but in my mind i was making progress for a future that will soon become. the next moments in my life. the will to change. just then i heard footsteps behind me(oh no!) i screamed in my head. but it was no one. my head felt light, my sleep came back to me. i was going to hallucinate my whole life if i stayed walking at night. since then i never took a walk out at night, whether alone or with someone(my one and only). thankfully the despair stopped right there. from that point on my life didn’t become the  best, it became the one that never was supposed to be. and all of that is because of that night, i will never forget the fear i felt right then. so bad that it literally rewired my whole brain. freaky, yes. healthy, not exactly. my heart still continues to beat. Im so happy.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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