And it starts with a night

Being a guard at night is tough

On the other side of the world everyone is awake and doing work, being the humans they are. i was on the other side where every eye is behind a shutter, but not mine. It was a normal night like any, what started there is what makes it so different. As usual, just being where i have to be. My work, a late night guard of a hospital. a few people come here and there for emergency and routine checks. then something strange happened, i began to feel sleepy, i shouldn’t be but its out of my field of control. i closed one eye and let the other stay on guard. then the other eye became half shut, and then i felt like i couldn’t do anything at all, powerless. i still had at least 30 minutes before my shift is over. The night became a monster all of a sudden, screaming winds came at me and opened my eyes to life again. thankfully i didn’t sleep and kept doing my job good. but then what could made me feel sleepy, its just not normal, not for me. thinking back of my day i saw myself talking with someone over coffee, a friend. i began to doubt the fact he could have drugged my drink and wished me ill. (that’s not true) i told myself. the sad truth is, i didn’t like my job. i knew it was not meant for someone like me, not cut out for it but i still accepted it. was that courage or ignorance? perhaps both. since I’m awake, i will do my work fine. even if i don’t like it, I’m not complaining to get money. i may not like my job, but that doesn’t mean i will not have a good life. as long as i continue to live, i will do what i can, for myself and everyone along the journey with me. That night was an important lesson in my life, And it starts with a night. and ends with…….the end.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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