The mountain at night

Drawing on my sketch book on the mountain and then…..

Drawing in my sketchbook, making the most of my day. On the mountains, seeing the glowing city at night. it was so cold up there, where the tent was. My muscles are worn out by the hike, however my hands kept making art and never stopping to take a breather. Everything was alright, it was time to eat dinner and charge up for the next day. While eating i thought( even though i’m alone, i don’t feel scared. i could die and no one would know about it until sometime later). I put these thoughts away and tried to enjoy what was left of the night. Sitting on a rock and using my goggles to get a sight of animals who stayed awake. An owl looked at me with its head backward, impressed i used my whistle to make a sharp sound. seeing if the owl would react to it. Now it got its head back to the original position and flew upward, disappearing in the trees. i heard someone scream, i didn’t know someone else was there besides me. it was very late at night. i got my stuff and hid myself in the tent, closed it very well to sleep before something else happens. it was the first time in my life i have been scared, i will never go on the mountains alone again. It was a lesson well learned, sometimes you never realize how dangerous anything could be until the fear sinks and reaches the core of your very bones. The nights are just like that.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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