Late coffee bar night

Sipping coffee at night, what could go wrong?

With my friends sipping our favorite coffee at our usual coffee shop. The taste is the same, I always like to order the same thing every single time, it’s better for my sensitive tongue. it was time to close, but we kept talking ignoring it altogether, until the waiter came and told us “It’s better to go while you still can”. Our eyes widened at the sharp words. we get it that its time to be off but, the words lingered in our minds. With no choice in our hands we let go and move out. My friends all went to their homes but i stopped near the coffee bar and waited until i can see the waiter again, trying to confirm my suspensions. I’m very sensitive when it comes to sharp words, add that with my hardcore curiosity it creates a person no one is willing to be friends with. I’m not very fond of myself as this often gets me in trouble that leaves visible scars for everyone to see forever. Still waiting behind a wall just close enough for me to see what he does after a job well done serving coffe. i caught a glimpse of his hands having a spider web tattoo, it doesn’t scare me at all. but what did scare me is the fact that his hands were holding my own wallet!, unbelievable, how could i not notice, this is not a waiter he’s a thief. Holding myself is the only thing i can’t do right now. its not even an option. i felt a sudden breakdown inside myself. i broke and reconstructed fast enough to get my will together. Running, no. flashing speed sprinting all the way and making a huge jump big enough to reach his tall neck and grab him. I was short alright but my legs could carry me toward the sky if i would like. from his neck toward the ground crushing my hands with the impact. And finally getting my wallet. and then i realized someone had already called the police and with that i was done. done just like that, over with. finished. or that’s what i thought right then. in a snap my friends came and defended me before the waiter could make next moves and fake his innocence. it was later discovered that he belonged to some shady criminal groups within our society, our safe society. I still have scars from that fierce battle, i will never forget it. the steam and anger inside me, overwhelming. We still frequented the coffee shop and this time actually feeling safe. i thank my good friends who somehow were also watching from a far, without them i could have been spending a few years in jail, and get into a whole different world that i won’t like, or really who knows? perhaps i could make a few friends there but enough about what did not happen. at least i survived. The coffee night, I still laugh when thinking about it.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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