The last night

The darkest night ever

It was the darkest night i have ever witnessed in my life. No moon or stars are visible. the ground and the empty blackness of the sky. on the rooftop i sat and watched the ground with its people passing by. i was bored so i didn’t have anything better to do. and the house was empty and i didn’t feel good by just staying inside when i can be in the vast expansive outside world, even if it was only limited to being on the rooftop. a very calm atmosphere, i could almost sleep if it wasn’t for the fact its a hot night. Minutes pass by and i keep thinking of very important things that are going to happen next in my life. such as getting married and having a house, my mind is very clouded with other thoughts but they are too disturbing to talk about. it was time to go back and get some sleep, the drowsiness almost consumed me. with heavy shaky steps i walked toward the door to the first floor. and i was greeted by a literal trail of blood dripping and moving on the stair steps. i was too late to notice it and fell down the stairs, hurting my legs and head, and my body looked like someone who was just murdered on the spot. no major injuries of course and the blood wasn’t mine. who could have died in our house when i was the only one there?. the despair got into me, this is my last night, no time to get married or have a good life, a good fake life. the day my life is over is when everything will feel over because i don’t exist to feel anything anymore. the despair reached the maximum limit for me. i fell on my face, almost dead, breathing very slowly. woke up in the hospital to a bunch of wires. my family was around, they told me i stayed asleep for 10 years and that my body cannot function normally anymore. basically i was done for. i was a dead man living. all my hopes for a good future suddenly shattered the whole world with it. was this it? the end?. it wasn’t no, it wasn’t close to the end. Even if that night was the last night, the last day is still to come. and before it does, i will keep living and writing novels for the whole world to read. my life is over but i must make others lives better. it was a burning feeling inside of me, a feeling that was more of a desire. Today i still live and write many happy novels for the world to read and bring happiness from the darkest of places, the hospital. where pain and suffering happens everyday.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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