The Tragedy of beach town

The beach is beautiful but not this day

At night on the beach, the moon light makes the waves sparkle like fragments of broken glass. and that’s exactly what i heard right then, sounds of glass breaking. someone must have smashed something that felt very important. i turn around to see someone breaking the glass windows of a car . i was selfish so i didn’t even feel sorry for the owner of the car, who i still didn’t knew yet. i approached the man who i still couldn’t see very well, just a silhouette who broke the glass and asked him from far away , “what’s gotten into you?”.  i didn’t receive a reply. as i grew closer and closer to him i realized he was holding an old  axe that looked very rusted and had been used a lot. i used my flash light to see better. but the man was gone before i turn it on. i wasn’t scared, but i didn’t want to die either so i ran home fast. before i slept i kept thinking of that man. the image of the axe stuck in my mind like food that got between teeth and never would let go. i couldn’t sleep because i don’t sleep at night. this was because of my bad addiction of using my computer at night. it makes matter worse that i use my computer to work all day writing and editing and doing a ton of computer stuff. i was still not afraid, just not feeling well inside, almost feeling sick. tired and dead inside. no will to do anything anymore. in all of this despair i heard music outside. it felt odd so i went out to see what it is. it was not music, it was the axe man breaking car glasses all over the town. i thought to myself(did he follow me? was i the cause?). nothing made sense to me. the police will take an hour to come as they are a bit far from our distant town. no one can help us right now other than ourselves. glass everywhere, shattered. never going back to its original form. To confront him i brought with me a small but effective metal stick. and some rope and my friends for help. the maniac axe man screamed as we tied him down and took away his deadly axe. after a few minutes he dropped dead. it was found later that he was drugged, and who drugged him, no one knows till this day. the man had a past innocent record. there was someone somewhere planning all of this evil. perhaps not even realizing the consequences. the mystery was never solved and got passed down in history books as the Tragedy of Beach town.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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