Decision night

A decision that changed everything

The night is the most important time of day for me, it is when i feel up to do anything and everything with real passion, that’s why i love it so much. But i couldn’t enjoy this one night, it is the worst in my life. it began with me and my friend being out in the cold night, nothing was wrong at first, we were minding our own business and just talking about video games our favorite hobby. As we pass by the empty streets and side walks, we eventually stumble upon a dead cat, as cat lovers we really felt pained in our hearts. the sight was unbearable so we had to move away fast. a shadowy figure stops us and questions our decision of leaving a dead cat on the street for everyone to see rather than move it somewhere else. as she did question us a speeding car came by and opened its doors as it sped it even more, in a split second the shadowy figure vanished from sight. this is the most eerie moment of my life so far, we hadn’t thought much about it other than it was very unusual and extremely uncomfortable to be in such situation. i had no choice but to split up with my friend and call it a day, it was enough for my weak heart. i was greeted again by the shadowy figure waiting on my house door. she said “Your time ran out tonight”. wait, my time  ran out? just what could it mean. i was too afraid to ask, again she disappeared the moment i tried to approach her. i was feeling even more horrified each second passing. i went to sit in a desk in my room to write for everyone i love my final message. i had felt death coming to me sooner than later. i truly believed my time ran out. once i was done i locked my bedroom door and truly wished i could live another day, to eat my favorite food, spend just one last time with my beloved ones, just once that’s all ask, i want to enjoy my life before the end, but the end waits for no one. and no one waits for the end, it will come. my windows broke and the shadowy figure emerged from it. but this time she didn’t talk, only stared at me intensely. so hard i almost broke down. approaching me with each step. she stopped and i felt it. i was having my head down but now i started looking up. i saw tears pouring out of the shadowy figure. i had no idea what to do, i felt so weak and useless. was she feeling bad about a decision i made?. its true after all, the shadowy figure is the actual owner of the dead cat, once i knew that my thoughts took a different turn. why was she so desperate about us making a decision about her own cat? i could never know because seconds after this weird encounter. she was gone and i never saw her before. i told my friend later about what happened to me that night. it was the decision night. a decision that drove someone else after me for a thing i had no control over. for a thing that wasn’t mine, a story emerged from it that will stay forever in my mind.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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