A writer in the snow land

Writing to change lives for the best

On an adventure, in the snow land. i sat my luggage in my cottage and went to look at the window. the snow was covering the whole area. Spending my time here for a little bit doing some work that must be done, this place really inspires me so much. being alone like this and the sound of the quite snow wind outside is very relaxing to me. my job was to write inspiring words that will encourage highschoolers to study and love life as it’s meant to be. it was no easy task but thankfully i was able to pull it off, just in time. sitting near the fire pit feeling a bit warm, i grabbed my pen and notebook. wrote hundreds of words for the next hours but i only had to choose a select few. once i was done i had to go back to the main building and eat dinner with everyone living in the cottages. we had a great meal and i truly liked the hot soup. i thanked the cook. on my way back i saw my cottage room door open and some snow got in a little bit. i hurry up coming in to close it and cool down a bit. by now i haven’t truly made contact with anyone here. maybe a few conversations, perhaps they seemed casual to me but not to them. as an outsider to this area i felt uncomfortable, some truly hideous thoughts crawled up in my mind but i didn’t give in to them. after a while of cooling down in the room i realized some of my notebook papers are torn off. the ones which were the most important to me, the ones i wanted to use as encouragement for students to study and live better. it was gone. i saw a note placed at the end, it says “If not in here, then think where it should be”. In the fear of the moment, i almost forgot these important words i wrote, but it’s true i can’t forget something this important. especially if its going to change others lives. i had all of the words in my heart, the true place where they should be and go out from. perhaps this situation changed my thinking and actually made me have a better life. thanks to the  kind stranger that i never knew. doing a bad thing for the good of others, that’s a very challenging thing to do.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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