Help when you need it

My whole life was pointless until…

I had a hard time trying to keep up with everyone. at any second i would fall, if not for my own survival by now more than likely i’d be doing something else much more fun. but im restricted by the normal standards of society so i have to cope up with it or certain death may come up sooner than i would like. i go about my day like usual, thinking of my painful life, as something i didn’t wish to be, yet its what i’m doing. is happiness that hard to reach?. questioning myself like this everyday wasn’t the most thing im proud of. at night i was in a public park, trying my best to relive myself from my life problems by being there, lying on the grass looking at the bright stars that turn dark every time i think of the disaster i’m in. when something this important keeps getting in the way, its hard to enjoy the slightest of enjoyment in life. like food that has no taste. friends? i had none i could name by that. the only thing i had is the last bits of sanity i had with me. everything i have done until this point felt pointless. for some reason some loud noises started to emerge not long from where i was lying and resting my head. out of sheer curiosity i went there to only find some little girl injured from falling from the top of the tree. her legs are hurt but she looked fine, no major injuries, only problem was she couldn’t walk at the moment, and she needed to be near her family. i saw a few people who were passing by without even taking a second look. was i the only one who cared? that was when i realized that this girl is what i could end up if no one backs me up. ending up stuck with no help, and when help came it would have been too late. the damage is already done and these injuries will leave permanent marks. that’s why i had no choice but to not let such thing happen to her. i wouldn’t want anyone to let me down, i wanted help but i can’t deserve help if i didn’t need it in the first place. i wasn’t in need just yet, the only thing i could hope for is for someone to save me when it counts. once i took the  little girl on my back. i told her about my situation and why helping others is very important. she simply kept nodding at every word i say, i didn’t need proof from her or anyone else. i was just happy to be that someone who helped, not the one who needed help. the family thanked me and i went away about my day. after this incident, i began to be more open and sleeked help when i needed it, rather than letting it all for myself and sink down in darkness once again.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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