Eternal darkness of space

Cruel space

I was granted the ability to go to space. not in a space craft, i simply found myself in space walking on nothing as i saw the comets and stars dazzling my eyes. it was very sudden. just being there and nothing else, it never crossed my mind yet here i’am.

i take a look at my hands and back to realize something much bigger, now i have wings and hands that do not resemble anything human. whats going on? is all i could think of right then.  i was a completely different life form. i don’t know how or why, but now i became an alien. i did not have a mirror to see my face but i knew its not the same anymore.

i went to earth as fast as i can flying. only to find everyone on earth dead with nothing but blood filling the oceans and towns. an apocalypse happened and a strong disease spread between everyone, because of betrayal and distrust. i was one of their failed experiments that were sent to space, however they were wrong, i wasn’t a failure. i was still who i’m, i believed it.

events prior to me being a failed biological experiment is no longer in my memory. i only remember the faces of scientists that were crying on me as i lost consciousness. i don’t remember my family or friends. but now everyone is dead so it wouldn’t matter anymore. earth is no longer good for me. i lost the ability to eat or talk.

as i lived the last bits of my life wandering space in its eternal darkness, i couldn’t find any other life form. every planet i visited had only silence to greet me with. alone, desperate, in the dark, abandoned, a failure. the last words that i said in my mind before the end of everything.


Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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