The moved chair

what you don’t expect

I finished my duties and went out to get a hot drink, along the way I made a quick visit to my friends house. However he was not there at the time, so I went alone.

When I arrived at the coffee shop there were many people there and I felt sad for myself being alone here. I sat on a far away chair waiting for my hot drink to arrive.

In front of me there were some kids, a family. Since they were a lot they needed an extra chair to sit on, so the little girl slowly walks up to me, and little by little takes the chair away that belonged to my table without saying a word, and every time she moved the chair a little, she stared at me.

It was cute, it was funny to see but above all it made me glad that I decided to go even when my friend was absent. Such experiences are very unpredictable so I take every chance to do something new or different and push myself to do what I think will not be beneficial for me.

Author: Jesamo

I enjoy writing short stories, and I hope you will like them!.

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