I love certain things so much, however I can’t find someone to relate to. To share and tell about what I like and enjoy. Every day I feel more alien than before, almost as someone who doesn’t belong to earth. Maybe I went too far and I should have liked what “everyone” liked and enjoyed. But I hate that, most of the time these popular things are not good or interesting for me to do. When I was young I felt confident and more normal, I was really sure of it. However as I grew up the gap between normal and unusual to rare to finally impossible has widened far and beyond. My closest of friends don’t know, my family doesn’t know, nobody knows. Because of this it became harder to hold conversations for longer periods of time.

For the better tomorrow

My actions seem to have no meaning right now, but I know for sure it will be of great use in the future.


I feel sad, alone and live a dull life for a long time, I wait for many things everyday but its not making things better.


I lost my motivation, which I still question if I had any to begin with.


My role isn’t of right now, im sure the future will be much better. I keep these feelings with me every day.


I tell myself this is for a greater purpose, it will only become clear later.


If things keep going the same way, it won’t be good for me and everyone.


In order to prevent such an event, I wrote a letter to my future self.


The words in the letter are of very critical value to my future self, it is the words that awaken and I trust in these words.