Normal once again

after living the independent life for so long, it feels very refreshing to depend on others. Doing enjoyable things alone is not as fun as I would like it to be.

Every person is a body and soul, their own perspective is the real world to them, to me I felt all of these intense world view emotions every time I see someone. I just cant get enough of thinking about it, how selfish we can be for our own benefits, Its very saddening.

Did I become normal once again, or did I become very conscious of the reality in the world we live in, that is something I’m better off not knowing, because in the end that’s not what really matters.

Whenever I see someone, I imagine the hardships they had faced thus far, its either sad or it may seem unfair. I take a second look and imagine the bright side of those hardships, what it meant for others and themselves. Perhaps in the end its all worth it. I’m normal once more again.

The moved chair

what you don’t expect

I finished my duties and went out to get a hot drink, along the way I made a quick visit to my friends house. However he was not there at the time, so I went alone.

When I arrived at the coffee shop there were many people there and I felt sad for myself being alone here. I sat on a far away chair waiting for my hot drink to arrive.

In front of me there were some kids, a family. Since they were a lot they needed an extra chair to sit on, so the little girl slowly walks up to me, and little by little takes the chair away that belonged to my table without saying a word, and every time she moved the chair a little, she stared at me.

It was cute, it was funny to see but above all it made me glad that I decided to go even when my friend was absent. Such experiences are very unpredictable so I take every chance to do something new or different and push myself to do what I think will not be beneficial for me.

Laser of happiness

How death can change someone?

(A)“how do you feel right now”

(B) “I won’t…. last”

(A) “hang in there, help will be here soon”

(B) “… hurry”

(A)  brings back help, however just a second before they reach (B), B’s life is over.

B’s last words “if I could live more, I would have dedicated my life to something else”

as (A) hears this words, his heart changes. He learned the lesson from the gone (B).

in that moment (A) became the Laser of happiness, bringing joy to everyone around him, making them remember that life isn’t all about suffering and pain. As he tours the whole world spreading joy and making sure it’s attainable for everyone. Yet still some people in this world won’t accept the ways (A) is doing. Higher ranked people think that he does this to manipulate the world into his hands. Even if its not true, as such (A) faces challenges with these kinds of people, but he wont give up because B’s life truly changed him and the world.

(B) was one of the worst human beings in existence, but he didn’t want to be like that in his heart. He was like that because that’s what his family wanted him to be, and forced him to be so. He couldn’t do anything about it, it was this secret only (A) knew about. That’s why (A) will use himself as the Laser of happiness to slice any doubt and anxiety within the people of this world. To not let cases like B’s happen again. For it all, this world should be a better place for happiness. Putting smiles on people’s faces that’s the ultimate goal.

People called (A) the laser of happiness, a true title of a man that went to the ends of earth and beyond for one single goal, spreading joy.


Student in danger: the impossible test

how dangerous could it get for a student?

A very normal student, one day decided to play to have fun for a bit from all the studying, while playing he cut his right hand fingers and blood gushed out a lot, and his hands froze after losing his hot blood. Tomorrow he has a hard test and he must use his right hand, however that is not possible in this hard situation. There was only one solution, either do or die. Yes he had to use his left hand even though time was very limited he spent the night practicing using it to write. The morning of the next day, the breeze was very cold and the student is tired yet he wanted to do the impossible in that day.

During the test he was able to use his left hand to write, it wasn’t his only problem as the unexpected just had to happen. It was almost time to finish up the test, the windows were closed and the clouds covered the sun. the electricity cuts off and leaves the class in a black out. Our student still didn’t answer the last question which was worth 99% of the marks. Being in such a dangerous situation, the student came prepared for any danger that may come at him. The air grew hot, and he takes a pair of glasses that lets him see in the dark. As he perfectly finishes the test. While he does so, the teacher was paying very close attention to him, as he can see in the dark perfectly for some reason or another.

After the test the teacher asked to see the student, and accused him of cheating. The student didn’t stop, he used every bit of agility and strength to run away. As he tries his best to run from the lying truth. The student has been put on a wanted list among the school criminals. The whole school turned against him, there was no escape for him. He turned his back for everyone that chased after him and stated his innocence in front of everyone. Half of them believed him and the other half were not convinced. As a war kept happening with both sides, the student took the chance and escaped. In the last hallway he finds the president of the school waiting for him as he was on the opposing side.

The school bell started ringing, signaling the end of the school day, the president was not able to catch the student and ran laughing at him.

The next day in school, the student was caught on the crime of cheating. He was put in school prison, with other school prisoners. Even though the student never did cheat, he still was accused of it. This will never be the end of it, as the student continues to grow and become an adult. Once he does, his revenge plan will take effect. Only after 20 years from now.

Cycle of sadness

how did i get here?

sitting on a cliff, looking at the bare landscape. I was there staring at the nature until the night came to be. I was away from all my responsibilities, wasting away my time.

At some point, I had to go back to see what changed. Nothing changed, “everything is the same” I reassured myself. I felt bad for not doing what I was supposed to do, however I cant change the past, its set in stone already.

Regret came over me, and it got off very fast.

This cycle repeated itself for at least 10 times in a row until it finally hit me. “I should change” I told myself. I was very hopeless but I wanted to try before I give it up.

Change, yes I’m following change. That is my goal, that is what I desire right now.

But nothing worked, and I kept chasing change for the rest of my life but I never found it.

I hope nobody else end up like me, good luck to everyone.



Dream Traveler

A Living Nightmare

There he was sleeping on his bed , it’s been years  .he is still sleeping , it is said that this person  lives  in people’s dreams , that’s why he never wakes up. his body absorbs the energy of the dreamer , that’s why he is alive , this never endless dream traveling , if they stop , his heart will stop , and eventually die , to survive , he  travel dreaming.

the story starts when Watrill was born with a strange mark on his two eyes , he lived his life , a lot have tried to avoid him for his strange eyes , even his parents. 10 years later, his parents died by a very rare cause,  scantiest found that after Watrill was born , his parents suffered from his DNA.  his DNA had a virus that had been inside his parents when he was born , doctors told the parents that they may die in the next few years.  after they died , Watrill is the only son of the family with no relatives  nearby , at first he had to live in his parents house. while the problem is he can’t survive and Watrill isn’t an accepted person in his society.  likely no one want to see his eyes , this is why he had no choice but to absorb people powers.

Watrill already knows why his parents died and  this is all because of his virus  DNA ,  his only choice was to do it , Watrill shut down  all of the electricity that powers the house , he goes to his parents room , unexpectedly find a paper with a hand written words on them , it was his parents dyeing message they kept until the day came. after reading what’s on the paper , Watrill knew that if just once he uses his eyes , he can never step back again. this is a situation where he must choose to live or die early. he prepared the bed that his parents used to sleep on , he sleeps , and he can never wake up again , until he get old and die , and now the Dreaming life of Watrill starts.

Prologue END

Part 1 the first dream a simulation of reality

Watrill finds himself in the city an area surrounded by a lot of people, he first feared that they will reject him for his marked eyes, to identify the original dreamer he activates his eyes and can see through the reality of dreams. The dreamer is a little girl who fears the crowds, for her this is a horrible nightmare, she’s scared and crying, he tries to approach her.

Watrill: this is just a dream you don’t have to cry young dreamer

Little girl: Really ? I don’t think I’m dreaming this is the bad reality that I have to face everyday

Watrill: Look into my eyes and you will realize the truth

Little girl: What is wrong with your eyes !?

Watrill: it’s a long story, the moral is I need some of your valuable energy to survive

Little girl: No !

Watrill: it’s understandable however I will die if you don’t help me

Little girl: Don’t die !

Watrill: then please listen to me

Little girl: Okay

Watrill: I need you to stay calm right now, you will need to look into my eyes so I can transfer a little bit of  your energy into me

Little girl: Sure, but I demand one thing you should tell me something important about you ! I don’t want to wake up forgetting my encounter with someone as special as you

Watrill: (in a joyful voice) that’s one promise I won’t break, you’re a pretty good girl

Little girl: Hehe

*Watrill got some energy !*

Watrill: thanks, well let me tell you something about me that you shouldn’t forget for your whole life, i once was a normal human before things quickly started to fall apart for me, and here I’m in your nightmare, I once had a good friend, he was important to me, however that didn’t last when my eyes started to change, everyone was disturbed even my friend. I was very depressed and I had nothing to do with my life anymore, I felt like the world has ended for me, my parents left me early when I needed them the most, and one more important thing is you I guess haha, please don’t be sad but this is my reality, different from yours, I wish you the best of luck for the future ahead of you, never forget who you once were and who you will be in the future.

Little girl: I don’t know what to say ! I’m sorry !

Watrill: don’t worry about it, I have a better life right now in the dreams of people that’s were I belong now, and I’m glad for that, you are my first supporter, I truly can’t thank you enough.

Little girl: No worries ! good luck in your dream travels

Watrill: Farewell

After the encounter watrill moves on to another dream in hopes for encounters that will continue on to keep him alive, a race against time, the harsh reality, the ultimate objective of life.


The next time walter finds a dreamer, the one dreaming ends up not allowing him to take energy, walter life brutally ended on the next dream.

True END.

Eternal darkness of space

Cruel space

I was granted the ability to go to space. not in a space craft, i simply found myself in space walking on nothing as i saw the comets and stars dazzling my eyes. it was very sudden. just being there and nothing else, it never crossed my mind yet here i’am.

i take a look at my hands and back to realize something much bigger, now i have wings and hands that do not resemble anything human. whats going on? is all i could think of right then.  i was a completely different life form. i don’t know how or why, but now i became an alien. i did not have a mirror to see my face but i knew its not the same anymore.

i went to earth as fast as i can flying. only to find everyone on earth dead with nothing but blood filling the oceans and towns. an apocalypse happened and a strong disease spread between everyone, because of betrayal and distrust. i was one of their failed experiments that were sent to space, however they were wrong, i wasn’t a failure. i was still who i’m, i believed it.

events prior to me being a failed biological experiment is no longer in my memory. i only remember the faces of scientists that were crying on me as i lost consciousness. i don’t remember my family or friends. but now everyone is dead so it wouldn’t matter anymore. earth is no longer good for me. i lost the ability to eat or talk.

as i lived the last bits of my life wandering space in its eternal darkness, i couldn’t find any other life form. every planet i visited had only silence to greet me with. alone, desperate, in the dark, abandoned, a failure. the last words that i said in my mind before the end of everything.