Story of the night, with a friend.

A friend is all i got at night.

it was a cold night, i was sitting outside with my friend, we were in an abandoned park,entry is free, and also no one comes to it at all, never, not at night at least. when its full moon the playground metals shines ¬†and gives off a cool effect, we just came there to see it and chat over it. “anything interesting while i was gone?” i answer him,”i feel like the most interesting things happen at night, i read that in a book called (story of the nights)” he replies “well that sure is interesting, mind if i borrow it as soon as you finish it?, what i’m i saying, of course i will take it! that’s why we are friends you know haha”, i reply “you got it haha”. it was an awesome night, even tough it wasn’t very eventful, just simple fun talk. its a special day because its not special, well to that kind of effect.

Story of the night.

Unable to sleep and i need to do something.

i had an important job to do so i was coming home late, i had but one thing to do at the time, to just go to my bedroom and sleep. however that didn’t happen, not as easily as i had wanted anyway. i feel exhausted yet i couldn’t shut my eyes off, seeing that its no use, i get up and try to do something better with my time, after all time is limited.
i rest my mind and tell myself “i gotta write the important stuff, so that i wont forget them”. i write down all the names of people that are important to me, and some simple explanation to how they are important to me. now i wont say they are many, because really they are numbered by my right hand fingers. i proceed to write about things i want to accomplish and do with my life in the next few years, adding some goals here and there, one of these goals is “i want my life to be simple enough so that nothing complicated will happen, a simple person will always get away from trouble because, well they are simple!”, i say that with a serious expression, even though maybe i was too serious. that night was just that rough, guess i wasn’t simple enough to sleep happily without going to the extremes.