I cracked my hands for you

I have the strongest hands, with these strong hands I was able to crack rocks, iron, and any substance. Anything.

For having such power, I was stabbed in the back many times, this is the only way to fight me, since its useless to fight me face on, my hands can even, crack humans. But I never wanted to do that, not even something I would think about. But at times I was forced to think about such hideous things, I was attacked very frequently and it became well known that I wont fight back. Im too afraid to kill.


I didn’t want such things to happen to me, my power became my weakness. Im weak because im powerful.


I was about to get into another fight, I was ready to kill, to kill a human. Yet I kept hesitating. I hesitated for a long time already.

I was ready to end this horrible way of living.

So I cracked my hands for my enemies, and they saw me.

I no longer possessed the power of the strongest hand.

Im free, now I can fight fairly without much trouble, I had to teach them a lesson. It was my only solution. No talk no nothing, just pure fists of rage of a noble fighter.

I cracked my hands for you my enemy, I did it and im glad I did.

Cycle of sadness

how did i get here?

sitting on a cliff, looking at the bare landscape. I was there staring at the nature until the night came to be. I was away from all my responsibilities, wasting away my time.

At some point, I had to go back to see what changed. Nothing changed, “everything is the same” I reassured myself. I felt bad for not doing what I was supposed to do, however I cant change the past, its set in stone already.

Regret came over me, and it got off very fast.

This cycle repeated itself for at least 10 times in a row until it finally hit me. “I should change” I told myself. I was very hopeless but I wanted to try before I give it up.

Change, yes I’m following change. That is my goal, that is what I desire right now.

But nothing worked, and I kept chasing change for the rest of my life but I never found it.

I hope nobody else end up like me, good luck to everyone.



Desperate night

Desperate to feel fulfilled

When the night closes in, so does the time to sleep. but this time, it was different, i didn’t sleep, i didn’t have any sleep in me. i felt something was missing, something needed to be done yet i could never know what is it. the unfulfillment i felt was unreal. desperate to do that thing which i don’t know, so badly, it seemed to be the only important thing in my life that i had to do. i came up with a solution that may or may not be dangerous, i needed to get outside and do something before i lose my mind. i brought with me some wood and equipment to light up some fire and sit around and wait until something, somehow to get that fulfillment feeling i so much desire. a very lonely and quite night. sitting and warming my self with the fire. it was beautiful. however it was not enough to get me the feeling im looking for. it only made me crave more, something more needed to happen or else it would be just a boring lifeless night with myself and my cravings. desiring so much in so little time is the mistake i made, a mistake i will forever learn from. i should have been patient and accepted that if i want great things to happen, i will have to wait a very long time for a truly fulfilling experience. as i was looking at the fire i just made, i felt a hand reach out to my shoulder, and tapping it. i turn around to see a bat flapping its wings on me and fly away. animals sure like to mess with us humans, now i was actually starting to feel excitement. as the bat went into the woods, i followed it there too just out of sheer curiosity. once the bat stopped i saw it eating something that looked like meat but it was too dark to see well. so i close in and check out what is so delicious for a bat to eat at night. it was something i couldn’t recognize, a bunch of meat stuff meshed together, perhaps it was a human or an animal, that i can’t know. i move back to the fire to bury it and go home. i saw enough to feel fulfilled for today anyway. even if it was something not to my likening. it was the desperate night. patience is the key, a key few know how to use. The unused key.