Laser of happiness

How death can change someone?

(A)“how do you feel right now”

(B) “I won’t…. last”

(A) “hang in there, help will be here soon”

(B) “… hurry”

(A)  brings back help, however just a second before they reach (B), B’s life is over.

B’s last words “if I could live more, I would have dedicated my life to something else”

as (A) hears this words, his heart changes. He learned the lesson from the gone (B).

in that moment (A) became the Laser of happiness, bringing joy to everyone around him, making them remember that life isn’t all about suffering and pain. As he tours the whole world spreading joy and making sure it’s attainable for everyone. Yet still some people in this world won’t accept the ways (A) is doing. Higher ranked people think that he does this to manipulate the world into his hands. Even if its not true, as such (A) faces challenges with these kinds of people, but he wont give up because B’s life truly changed him and the world.

(B) was one of the worst human beings in existence, but he didn’t want to be like that in his heart. He was like that because that’s what his family wanted him to be, and forced him to be so. He couldn’t do anything about it, it was this secret only (A) knew about. That’s why (A) will use himself as the Laser of happiness to slice any doubt and anxiety within the people of this world. To not let cases like B’s happen again. For it all, this world should be a better place for happiness. Putting smiles on people’s faces that’s the ultimate goal.

People called (A) the laser of happiness, a true title of a man that went to the ends of earth and beyond for one single goal, spreading joy.