The regretful decision

(X)Follow me, I will guide you to a better place. In it you will find what you need, that is if you still are willing to do it.


(Y)I will follow you, I don’t have a choice at this time.


(x)Good, lets begin.


(X)The path is very dangerous, filled with traps and intense challenges. Its not gonna be easy, this is your last call, Are you 100% you want to follow me?


(Y) im willing to do anything at this point, just let us go and never ask me again.


(Y) I feel tired

(x) im sorry but this is what you choosed

(y)im gonna stop, and go back

(x) you will have to go back alone, I will go on ahead and acclaim your reward for myself

(y) I don’t care anymore, go get it. I will find another way to deal with my problem.


(y) why am I so weak?


(y) im losing hope each passing day


(y) is this it?


(y) I need someone trustable, someone I can depend on


In the end (y) found someone he can depend on, found a different approach and solved his problem, from the start it was a problem of trust and not strength.

Mute: the secret of my life

I used to talk a lot, much more than I should be doing. It was my life.

It was a hot day, I came home from playing outside with my friends.

I liked my friends, I talked to them a lot, I didn’t tell them my deepest secret.

My secret is too much for anyone to bear, I kept it inside me for a long long time.


Eventually the day has come, to tell my friends my secret, I gathered them all in one place.

It was the garden we always used to play around in, I keep reliving these memories in my head.

I spoke to each one ear to ear, because I had a special message to each one of them.

After telling them all their messages, I turn back on them and grip my mouth. Tear it out and put it between my hands. I showed it to them, they were prepared for this moment, I told each one according to their personalities the same thing but worded differently so they wont panic when I do the action.

And now that the time has come, they are all watching me holding what I loved. I wanted them to see it, and me.

Seeing my fall, my end.

My secret was: “I have a limited amount of words I can say before my mouth stops speaking”

I reached my limit that day.


The moved chair

what you don’t expect

I finished my duties and went out to get a hot drink, along the way I made a quick visit to my friends house. However he was not there at the time, so I went alone.

When I arrived at the coffee shop there were many people there and I felt sad for myself being alone here. I sat on a far away chair waiting for my hot drink to arrive.

In front of me there were some kids, a family. Since they were a lot they needed an extra chair to sit on, so the little girl slowly walks up to me, and little by little takes the chair away that belonged to my table without saying a word, and every time she moved the chair a little, she stared at me.

It was cute, it was funny to see but above all it made me glad that I decided to go even when my friend was absent. Such experiences are very unpredictable so I take every chance to do something new or different and push myself to do what I think will not be beneficial for me.

Laser of happiness

How death can change someone?

(A)“how do you feel right now”

(B) “I won’t…. last”

(A) “hang in there, help will be here soon”

(B) “… hurry”

(A)  brings back help, however just a second before they reach (B), B’s life is over.

B’s last words “if I could live more, I would have dedicated my life to something else”

as (A) hears this words, his heart changes. He learned the lesson from the gone (B).

in that moment (A) became the Laser of happiness, bringing joy to everyone around him, making them remember that life isn’t all about suffering and pain. As he tours the whole world spreading joy and making sure it’s attainable for everyone. Yet still some people in this world won’t accept the ways (A) is doing. Higher ranked people think that he does this to manipulate the world into his hands. Even if its not true, as such (A) faces challenges with these kinds of people, but he wont give up because B’s life truly changed him and the world.

(B) was one of the worst human beings in existence, but he didn’t want to be like that in his heart. He was like that because that’s what his family wanted him to be, and forced him to be so. He couldn’t do anything about it, it was this secret only (A) knew about. That’s why (A) will use himself as the Laser of happiness to slice any doubt and anxiety within the people of this world. To not let cases like B’s happen again. For it all, this world should be a better place for happiness. Putting smiles on people’s faces that’s the ultimate goal.

People called (A) the laser of happiness, a true title of a man that went to the ends of earth and beyond for one single goal, spreading joy.


Distantly connected night

A distant someone finally connects

Waiting for someone i have contacted before to arrive near the grocery store, my back against the wall and one of my foot on it. i was getting tired and that person has yet to come. believing i was deceived and tricked into staying outside the whole night waiting for nothing, i decided to just accept it and go home. but i was unable to. soon after i started moving i was sure someone is tailing me, following me in a suspicious way. i knew what the truth is before it came to light. that this is someone i used to chat a lot with online. we became friends through a game online community there but to think he’s like this in real life just doesn’t make me feel well. not only being late but acting in not very well manners. we never saw each other before but i was sure enough because of one thing. the T-shirt he wore was that of our favorite game and we both know it very well and are huge fans. of course this game is hardly known to the public and our society as its fans are very few fellows who happened to be one of the luckiest or unluckiest. that’s why there can be no doubt that this is who i think he is. i knew i attracted weird people from my experience in life so this was no surprise. i just had to accept it as fact because i can’t run away from my own reality.

i had to confront him. “Hey you over there, are you who i think you are?”, he answered “Yes you do, i was afraid i got the wrong person at first but im glad i was able to find you without much trouble. it must feel very strange for us who were only communicating online to be doing this huh?”. i reply “there is more reason for our meeting than to just talk about our favorite game, i will save that for later because now i want you to do me a favor i can only ask you to do it now”. he thinks for a bit and says “this is our first meeting how am i supposed to useful to you in anyway?”. of course someone like him who up until now only thought of people as those who can never feel the joy we feel because they never had a chance to play our favorite game. i disagree with him on that matter because everyone can find their own joy in life in many different ways without playing this game. i just feel sad for him but no one can change the way someone thinks unless it was very significant. i hoped that i could lead him to change his thinking and start to think of others as individuals with different interests and likes. overall i wouldn’t say he is a bad person, he simply cannot understand people well because of his blinding love and obsession over the game. i get back to him by saying “you can help if you want, its something very important to me so will you please?”. in a shaken and unwanting voice he says “no, not today, i can’t help today and tomorrow and the after. because i’m as useless as i can be, i have never been friends with anyone really. all i do is think badly of everyone around me. no man im too negative to be able to help you, maybe you are my friend or not, i dont know the truth. life is bad for me and i have nothing to go on to”. i had to recalculate everything he just said and process it very well in my mind before i say anything. this was crucial, this was my moment i had needed, this is where change needs to happen. with somewhat of a low voice i say “Thats right, its over for you before you even start. but you have to know first that a “start” can be anywhere, not from when you were born, not when you had fake friends, not when you started playing your favorite game but only when you decide it to be. not done by others but only you, the whole decider factor, the world is all yours if only just only you start from where you want and keep going until the start comes to an end. the end is also just a start to reach the next end and so on. this cycle will forever keep going until it stops on you. so before that just START a new. today marks the day our friendship will progress toward a darkly bright future”. he is out of words, unable to say anything he shed some tears and shakes my hand. i was able to at least change him, with my physiological power that i unfortunately forcefully gained through very hard times. had at last became very useful for me. i was happy, from that point on i was able to hang out with him more and help him with his problems, it was not all bright. we together went through many troubles and problems that at some point could have separated us but we didn’t. we didn’t fall for the lies of the world around us.

Decision night

A decision that changed everything

The night is the most important time of day for me, it is when i feel up to do anything and everything with real passion, that’s why i love it so much. But i couldn’t enjoy this one night, it is the worst in my life. it began with me and my friend being out in the cold night, nothing was wrong at first, we were minding our own business and just talking about video games our favorite hobby. As we pass by the empty streets and side walks, we eventually stumble upon a dead cat, as cat lovers we really felt pained in our hearts. the sight was unbearable so we had to move away fast. a shadowy figure stops us and questions our decision of leaving a dead cat on the street for everyone to see rather than move it somewhere else. as she did question us a speeding car came by and opened its doors as it sped it even more, in a split second the shadowy figure vanished from sight. this is the most eerie moment of my life so far, we hadn’t thought much about it other than it was very unusual and extremely uncomfortable to be in such situation. i had no choice but to split up with my friend and call it a day, it was enough for my weak heart. i was greeted again by the shadowy figure waiting on my house door. she said “Your time ran out tonight”. wait, my time  ran out? just what could it mean. i was too afraid to ask, again she disappeared the moment i tried to approach her. i was feeling even more horrified each second passing. i went to sit in a desk in my room to write for everyone i love my final message. i had felt death coming to me sooner than later. i truly believed my time ran out. once i was done i locked my bedroom door and truly wished i could live another day, to eat my favorite food, spend just one last time with my beloved ones, just once that’s all ask, i want to enjoy my life before the end, but the end waits for no one. and no one waits for the end, it will come. my windows broke and the shadowy figure emerged from it. but this time she didn’t talk, only stared at me intensely. so hard i almost broke down. approaching me with each step. she stopped and i felt it. i was having my head down but now i started looking up. i saw tears pouring out of the shadowy figure. i had no idea what to do, i felt so weak and useless. was she feeling bad about a decision i made?. its true after all, the shadowy figure is the actual owner of the dead cat, once i knew that my thoughts took a different turn. why was she so desperate about us making a decision about her own cat? i could never know because seconds after this weird encounter. she was gone and i never saw her before. i told my friend later about what happened to me that night. it was the decision night. a decision that drove someone else after me for a thing i had no control over. for a thing that wasn’t mine, a story emerged from it that will stay forever in my mind.