Fast Heart Beats

a tragic story of recklessness and love and care.



Before everything happened, there was peace and everything  was good.

It was a regular day, the man was riding a bike.  His friends challenged him to drive faster than what they were able to achieve.

He was riding  at top speed and took out his phone to capture these moments. As he does so, a little girl who is unaware about her surroundings was standing  looking at A beautiful tree, The man notices the girl and thinks she’s going  to go away by herself. But she didn’t.

The girl kept staring at the trees. At this time the man was unable to control his riding it was very fast and he was holding his phone with the other hand. As he tries to turn right to avoid the girl, he slipped and fell off the bike, while the bike itself went straight ahead to the little girl.  It was a very unfortunate time for the girl and the man, moments ago both of them were having a good time, yet just a critical moment changed everything for life. That was the accident.



Now  the man has to explain what happened to the parents, but he couldn’t say anything. He was in literal shock, both the girl and the man were sent to the same hospital in the same room, not long after, bad news came breaking. the doctor told the girl she wont live much. It was very shocking to her, she was only 6 years old. The man couldn’t stop crying after hearing about this, flash backs of the good times he had with his life come back to him. This was the end of the good times.  The girl all this while wasn’t hating on the man, she actually went to him trying to tell him everything is okay, because she accepted what will happen to her. Its sad but its going to be over soon, so instead she decided to keep talking to him with the little time she has left. This was the last spark of hope for the man, but even that wont make her come back to life.




The girl: I know I don’t have much, lets have …. a …… g..oo..d….. last conver…..sation.

She was too beat up it was hard to talk for her, but she wants at least her last moments to be meaningful.

The man: its too late to say sorry for me, but I will listen. What do you want to talk about?

She looks at the windows  for a bit, and then back at the man, then back at the doctor and finally closes her eyes.

The girl: the trees look beautiful, I wish I was born a tree.

The girl: but that’s impossible now that im a human now.

The girl: you know, I have always thought good about people, I still do.

The man: I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry

The girl: stop, it doesn’t make me feel better………

A very hurtful silnce occurs for a long 10 minutes



The girl: mister please, don’t be like this, you’re a man so man up…… mister.

The girl: I feel bad too, I feel bad that im making you feel bad, and im scared of death mister

The girl: im ….. scared…….. of……… death……… mister? Why am I scared of death?…. mister answer me please………..




The man takes out her tears with a tissue, and lift her to ride on his top.


The man: death, yes everyone is scared of it. But you don’t worry about it. I will do something for you, I will do something you will remember


This would become the last time the both will ever be with each other, a tragic event made them run into each other, and now they have to stick to it to the end.




The man takes her to the tree she was always staring at, the girl is still on his top having the best time of her life. Looking at the tree and grabbing its fruits and leaves, crying on top of him, the tears fall on the mans face but he never wipes them, those tears are the treasure of life.

They keep having a good time until it got dark and its time to go back. The fun is over.






By the time it got dark, the little girl’s condition kept getting worse and worse, coughing up blood and hard breathing.

The man felt like he should do something but nothing he can do will change anything. It was about time, the end for a little innocent someone.

The man overwhelmed with his feelings, takes out his hands and stare at them for a moment before he starts hitting the wall with it, until it breaks and bleeds all over the place.


The girl dies shortly after. a very quite death.


The man was later sent to jail for life. He knew it was his mistake and he deserved this outcome. His life was over but he kept the memory of them having fun in his heart. She was the light in the dark cell he was in.




The last night

The darkest night ever

It was the darkest night i have ever witnessed in my life. No moon or stars are visible. the ground and the empty blackness of the sky. on the rooftop i sat and watched the ground with its people passing by. i was bored so i didn’t have anything better to do. and the house was empty and i didn’t feel good by just staying inside when i can be in the vast expansive outside world, even if it was only limited to being on the rooftop. a very calm atmosphere, i could almost sleep if it wasn’t for the fact its a hot night. Minutes pass by and i keep thinking of very important things that are going to happen next in my life. such as getting married and having a house, my mind is very clouded with other thoughts but they are too disturbing to talk about. it was time to go back and get some sleep, the drowsiness almost consumed me. with heavy shaky steps i walked toward the door to the first floor. and i was greeted by a literal trail of blood dripping and moving on the stair steps. i was too late to notice it and fell down the stairs, hurting my legs and head, and my body looked like someone who was just murdered on the spot. no major injuries of course and the blood wasn’t mine. who could have died in our house when i was the only one there?. the despair got into me, this is my last night, no time to get married or have a good life, a good fake life. the day my life is over is when everything will feel over because i don’t exist to feel anything anymore. the despair reached the maximum limit for me. i fell on my face, almost dead, breathing very slowly. woke up in the hospital to a bunch of wires. my family was around, they told me i stayed asleep for 10 years and that my body cannot function normally anymore. basically i was done for. i was a dead man living. all my hopes for a good future suddenly shattered the whole world with it. was this it? the end?. it wasn’t no, it wasn’t close to the end. Even if that night was the last night, the last day is still to come. and before it does, i will keep living and writing novels for the whole world to read. my life is over but i must make others lives better. it was a burning feeling inside of me, a feeling that was more of a desire. Today i still live and write many happy novels for the world to read and bring happiness from the darkest of places, the hospital. where pain and suffering happens everyday.

And it starts with a night

Being a guard at night is tough

On the other side of the world everyone is awake and doing work, being the humans they are. i was on the other side where every eye is behind a shutter, but not mine. It was a normal night like any, what started there is what makes it so different. As usual, just being where i have to be. My work, a late night guard of a hospital. a few people come here and there for emergency and routine checks. then something strange happened, i began to feel sleepy, i shouldn’t be but its out of my field of control. i closed one eye and let the other stay on guard. then the other eye became half shut, and then i felt like i couldn’t do anything at all, powerless. i still had at least 30 minutes before my shift is over. The night became a monster all of a sudden, screaming winds came at me and opened my eyes to life again. thankfully i didn’t sleep and kept doing my job good. but then what could made me feel sleepy, its just not normal, not for me. thinking back of my day i saw myself talking with someone over coffee, a friend. i began to doubt the fact he could have drugged my drink and wished me ill. (that’s not true) i told myself. the sad truth is, i didn’t like my job. i knew it was not meant for someone like me, not cut out for it but i still accepted it. was that courage or ignorance? perhaps both. since I’m awake, i will do my work fine. even if i don’t like it, I’m not complaining to get money. i may not like my job, but that doesn’t mean i will not have a good life. as long as i continue to live, i will do what i can, for myself and everyone along the journey with me. That night was an important lesson in my life, And it starts with a night. and ends with…….the end.