Mute: the secret of my life

I used to talk a lot, much more than I should be doing. It was my life.

It was a hot day, I came home from playing outside with my friends.

I liked my friends, I talked to them a lot, I didn’t tell them my deepest secret.

My secret is too much for anyone to bear, I kept it inside me for a long long time.


Eventually the day has come, to tell my friends my secret, I gathered them all in one place.

It was the garden we always used to play around in, I keep reliving these memories in my head.

I spoke to each one ear to ear, because I had a special message to each one of them.

After telling them all their messages, I turn back on them and grip my mouth. Tear it out and put it between my hands. I showed it to them, they were prepared for this moment, I told each one according to their personalities the same thing but worded differently so they wont panic when I do the action.

And now that the time has come, they are all watching me holding what I loved. I wanted them to see it, and me.

Seeing my fall, my end.

My secret was: “I have a limited amount of words I can say before my mouth stops speaking”

I reached my limit that day.