Student in danger: the impossible test

how dangerous could it get for a student?

A very normal student, one day decided to play to have fun for a bit from all the studying, while playing he cut his right hand fingers and blood gushed out a lot, and his hands froze after losing his hot blood. Tomorrow he has a hard test and he must use his right hand, however that is not possible in this hard situation. There was only one solution, either do or die. Yes he had to use his left hand even though time was very limited he spent the night practicing using it to write. The morning of the next day, the breeze was very cold and the student is tired yet he wanted to do the impossible in that day.

During the test he was able to use his left hand to write, it wasn’t his only problem as the unexpected just had to happen. It was almost time to finish up the test, the windows were closed and the clouds covered the sun. the electricity cuts off and leaves the class in a black out. Our student still didn’t answer the last question which was worth 99% of the marks. Being in such a dangerous situation, the student came prepared for any danger that may come at him. The air grew hot, and he takes a pair of glasses that lets him see in the dark. As he perfectly finishes the test. While he does so, the teacher was paying very close attention to him, as he can see in the dark perfectly for some reason or another.

After the test the teacher asked to see the student, and accused him of cheating. The student didn’t stop, he used every bit of agility and strength to run away. As he tries his best to run from the lying truth. The student has been put on a wanted list among the school criminals. The whole school turned against him, there was no escape for him. He turned his back for everyone that chased after him and stated his innocence in front of everyone. Half of them believed him and the other half were not convinced. As a war kept happening with both sides, the student took the chance and escaped. In the last hallway he finds the president of the school waiting for him as he was on the opposing side.

The school bell started ringing, signaling the end of the school day, the president was not able to catch the student and ran laughing at him.

The next day in school, the student was caught on the crime of cheating. He was put in school prison, with other school prisoners. Even though the student never did cheat, he still was accused of it. This will never be the end of it, as the student continues to grow and become an adult. Once he does, his revenge plan will take effect. Only after 20 years from now.