Fast Heart Beats

a tragic story of recklessness and love and care.



Before everything happened, there was peace and everything  was good.

It was a regular day, the man was riding a bike.  His friends challenged him to drive faster than what they were able to achieve.

He was riding  at top speed and took out his phone to capture these moments. As he does so, a little girl who is unaware about her surroundings was standing  looking at A beautiful tree, The man notices the girl and thinks she’s going  to go away by herself. But she didn’t.

The girl kept staring at the trees. At this time the man was unable to control his riding it was very fast and he was holding his phone with the other hand. As he tries to turn right to avoid the girl, he slipped and fell off the bike, while the bike itself went straight ahead to the little girl.  It was a very unfortunate time for the girl and the man, moments ago both of them were having a good time, yet just a critical moment changed everything for life. That was the accident.



Now  the man has to explain what happened to the parents, but he couldn’t say anything. He was in literal shock, both the girl and the man were sent to the same hospital in the same room, not long after, bad news came breaking. the doctor told the girl she wont live much. It was very shocking to her, she was only 6 years old. The man couldn’t stop crying after hearing about this, flash backs of the good times he had with his life come back to him. This was the end of the good times.  The girl all this while wasn’t hating on the man, she actually went to him trying to tell him everything is okay, because she accepted what will happen to her. Its sad but its going to be over soon, so instead she decided to keep talking to him with the little time she has left. This was the last spark of hope for the man, but even that wont make her come back to life.




The girl: I know I don’t have much, lets have …. a …… g..oo..d….. last conver…..sation.

She was too beat up it was hard to talk for her, but she wants at least her last moments to be meaningful.

The man: its too late to say sorry for me, but I will listen. What do you want to talk about?

She looks at the windows  for a bit, and then back at the man, then back at the doctor and finally closes her eyes.

The girl: the trees look beautiful, I wish I was born a tree.

The girl: but that’s impossible now that im a human now.

The girl: you know, I have always thought good about people, I still do.

The man: I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry

The girl: stop, it doesn’t make me feel better………

A very hurtful silnce occurs for a long 10 minutes



The girl: mister please, don’t be like this, you’re a man so man up…… mister.

The girl: I feel bad too, I feel bad that im making you feel bad, and im scared of death mister

The girl: im ….. scared…….. of……… death……… mister? Why am I scared of death?…. mister answer me please………..




The man takes out her tears with a tissue, and lift her to ride on his top.


The man: death, yes everyone is scared of it. But you don’t worry about it. I will do something for you, I will do something you will remember


This would become the last time the both will ever be with each other, a tragic event made them run into each other, and now they have to stick to it to the end.




The man takes her to the tree she was always staring at, the girl is still on his top having the best time of her life. Looking at the tree and grabbing its fruits and leaves, crying on top of him, the tears fall on the mans face but he never wipes them, those tears are the treasure of life.

They keep having a good time until it got dark and its time to go back. The fun is over.






By the time it got dark, the little girl’s condition kept getting worse and worse, coughing up blood and hard breathing.

The man felt like he should do something but nothing he can do will change anything. It was about time, the end for a little innocent someone.

The man overwhelmed with his feelings, takes out his hands and stare at them for a moment before he starts hitting the wall with it, until it breaks and bleeds all over the place.


The girl dies shortly after. a very quite death.


The man was later sent to jail for life. He knew it was his mistake and he deserved this outcome. His life was over but he kept the memory of them having fun in his heart. She was the light in the dark cell he was in.




I cracked my hands for you

I have the strongest hands, with these strong hands I was able to crack rocks, iron, and any substance. Anything.

For having such power, I was stabbed in the back many times, this is the only way to fight me, since its useless to fight me face on, my hands can even, crack humans. But I never wanted to do that, not even something I would think about. But at times I was forced to think about such hideous things, I was attacked very frequently and it became well known that I wont fight back. Im too afraid to kill.


I didn’t want such things to happen to me, my power became my weakness. Im weak because im powerful.


I was about to get into another fight, I was ready to kill, to kill a human. Yet I kept hesitating. I hesitated for a long time already.

I was ready to end this horrible way of living.

So I cracked my hands for my enemies, and they saw me.

I no longer possessed the power of the strongest hand.

Im free, now I can fight fairly without much trouble, I had to teach them a lesson. It was my only solution. No talk no nothing, just pure fists of rage of a noble fighter.

I cracked my hands for you my enemy, I did it and im glad I did.

Mute: the secret of my life

I used to talk a lot, much more than I should be doing. It was my life.

It was a hot day, I came home from playing outside with my friends.

I liked my friends, I talked to them a lot, I didn’t tell them my deepest secret.

My secret is too much for anyone to bear, I kept it inside me for a long long time.


Eventually the day has come, to tell my friends my secret, I gathered them all in one place.

It was the garden we always used to play around in, I keep reliving these memories in my head.

I spoke to each one ear to ear, because I had a special message to each one of them.

After telling them all their messages, I turn back on them and grip my mouth. Tear it out and put it between my hands. I showed it to them, they were prepared for this moment, I told each one according to their personalities the same thing but worded differently so they wont panic when I do the action.

And now that the time has come, they are all watching me holding what I loved. I wanted them to see it, and me.

Seeing my fall, my end.

My secret was: “I have a limited amount of words I can say before my mouth stops speaking”

I reached my limit that day.


Laser of happiness

How death can change someone?

(A)“how do you feel right now”

(B) “I won’t…. last”

(A) “hang in there, help will be here soon”

(B) “… hurry”

(A)  brings back help, however just a second before they reach (B), B’s life is over.

B’s last words “if I could live more, I would have dedicated my life to something else”

as (A) hears this words, his heart changes. He learned the lesson from the gone (B).

in that moment (A) became the Laser of happiness, bringing joy to everyone around him, making them remember that life isn’t all about suffering and pain. As he tours the whole world spreading joy and making sure it’s attainable for everyone. Yet still some people in this world won’t accept the ways (A) is doing. Higher ranked people think that he does this to manipulate the world into his hands. Even if its not true, as such (A) faces challenges with these kinds of people, but he wont give up because B’s life truly changed him and the world.

(B) was one of the worst human beings in existence, but he didn’t want to be like that in his heart. He was like that because that’s what his family wanted him to be, and forced him to be so. He couldn’t do anything about it, it was this secret only (A) knew about. That’s why (A) will use himself as the Laser of happiness to slice any doubt and anxiety within the people of this world. To not let cases like B’s happen again. For it all, this world should be a better place for happiness. Putting smiles on people’s faces that’s the ultimate goal.

People called (A) the laser of happiness, a true title of a man that went to the ends of earth and beyond for one single goal, spreading joy.


Dream Traveler

A Living Nightmare

There he was sleeping on his bed , it’s been years  .he is still sleeping , it is said that this person  lives  in people’s dreams , that’s why he never wakes up. his body absorbs the energy of the dreamer , that’s why he is alive , this never endless dream traveling , if they stop , his heart will stop , and eventually die , to survive , he  travel dreaming.

the story starts when Watrill was born with a strange mark on his two eyes , he lived his life , a lot have tried to avoid him for his strange eyes , even his parents. 10 years later, his parents died by a very rare cause,  scantiest found that after Watrill was born , his parents suffered from his DNA.  his DNA had a virus that had been inside his parents when he was born , doctors told the parents that they may die in the next few years.  after they died , Watrill is the only son of the family with no relatives  nearby , at first he had to live in his parents house. while the problem is he can’t survive and Watrill isn’t an accepted person in his society.  likely no one want to see his eyes , this is why he had no choice but to absorb people powers.

Watrill already knows why his parents died and  this is all because of his virus  DNA ,  his only choice was to do it , Watrill shut down  all of the electricity that powers the house , he goes to his parents room , unexpectedly find a paper with a hand written words on them , it was his parents dyeing message they kept until the day came. after reading what’s on the paper , Watrill knew that if just once he uses his eyes , he can never step back again. this is a situation where he must choose to live or die early. he prepared the bed that his parents used to sleep on , he sleeps , and he can never wake up again , until he get old and die , and now the Dreaming life of Watrill starts.

Prologue END

Part 1 the first dream a simulation of reality

Watrill finds himself in the city an area surrounded by a lot of people, he first feared that they will reject him for his marked eyes, to identify the original dreamer he activates his eyes and can see through the reality of dreams. The dreamer is a little girl who fears the crowds, for her this is a horrible nightmare, she’s scared and crying, he tries to approach her.

Watrill: this is just a dream you don’t have to cry young dreamer

Little girl: Really ? I don’t think I’m dreaming this is the bad reality that I have to face everyday

Watrill: Look into my eyes and you will realize the truth

Little girl: What is wrong with your eyes !?

Watrill: it’s a long story, the moral is I need some of your valuable energy to survive

Little girl: No !

Watrill: it’s understandable however I will die if you don’t help me

Little girl: Don’t die !

Watrill: then please listen to me

Little girl: Okay

Watrill: I need you to stay calm right now, you will need to look into my eyes so I can transfer a little bit of  your energy into me

Little girl: Sure, but I demand one thing you should tell me something important about you ! I don’t want to wake up forgetting my encounter with someone as special as you

Watrill: (in a joyful voice) that’s one promise I won’t break, you’re a pretty good girl

Little girl: Hehe

*Watrill got some energy !*

Watrill: thanks, well let me tell you something about me that you shouldn’t forget for your whole life, i once was a normal human before things quickly started to fall apart for me, and here I’m in your nightmare, I once had a good friend, he was important to me, however that didn’t last when my eyes started to change, everyone was disturbed even my friend. I was very depressed and I had nothing to do with my life anymore, I felt like the world has ended for me, my parents left me early when I needed them the most, and one more important thing is you I guess haha, please don’t be sad but this is my reality, different from yours, I wish you the best of luck for the future ahead of you, never forget who you once were and who you will be in the future.

Little girl: I don’t know what to say ! I’m sorry !

Watrill: don’t worry about it, I have a better life right now in the dreams of people that’s were I belong now, and I’m glad for that, you are my first supporter, I truly can’t thank you enough.

Little girl: No worries ! good luck in your dream travels

Watrill: Farewell

After the encounter watrill moves on to another dream in hopes for encounters that will continue on to keep him alive, a race against time, the harsh reality, the ultimate objective of life.


The next time walter finds a dreamer, the one dreaming ends up not allowing him to take energy, walter life brutally ended on the next dream.

True END.

Eternal darkness of space

Cruel space

I was granted the ability to go to space. not in a space craft, i simply found myself in space walking on nothing as i saw the comets and stars dazzling my eyes. it was very sudden. just being there and nothing else, it never crossed my mind yet here i’am.

i take a look at my hands and back to realize something much bigger, now i have wings and hands that do not resemble anything human. whats going on? is all i could think of right then.  i was a completely different life form. i don’t know how or why, but now i became an alien. i did not have a mirror to see my face but i knew its not the same anymore.

i went to earth as fast as i can flying. only to find everyone on earth dead with nothing but blood filling the oceans and towns. an apocalypse happened and a strong disease spread between everyone, because of betrayal and distrust. i was one of their failed experiments that were sent to space, however they were wrong, i wasn’t a failure. i was still who i’m, i believed it.

events prior to me being a failed biological experiment is no longer in my memory. i only remember the faces of scientists that were crying on me as i lost consciousness. i don’t remember my family or friends. but now everyone is dead so it wouldn’t matter anymore. earth is no longer good for me. i lost the ability to eat or talk.

as i lived the last bits of my life wandering space in its eternal darkness, i couldn’t find any other life form. every planet i visited had only silence to greet me with. alone, desperate, in the dark, abandoned, a failure. the last words that i said in my mind before the end of everything.


Help when you need it

My whole life was pointless until…

I had a hard time trying to keep up with everyone. at any second i would fall, if not for my own survival by now more than likely i’d be doing something else much more fun. but im restricted by the normal standards of society so i have to cope up with it or certain death may come up sooner than i would like. i go about my day like usual, thinking of my painful life, as something i didn’t wish to be, yet its what i’m doing. is happiness that hard to reach?. questioning myself like this everyday wasn’t the most thing im proud of. at night i was in a public park, trying my best to relive myself from my life problems by being there, lying on the grass looking at the bright stars that turn dark every time i think of the disaster i’m in. when something this important keeps getting in the way, its hard to enjoy the slightest of enjoyment in life. like food that has no taste. friends? i had none i could name by that. the only thing i had is the last bits of sanity i had with me. everything i have done until this point felt pointless. for some reason some loud noises started to emerge not long from where i was lying and resting my head. out of sheer curiosity i went there to only find some little girl injured from falling from the top of the tree. her legs are hurt but she looked fine, no major injuries, only problem was she couldn’t walk at the moment, and she needed to be near her family. i saw a few people who were passing by without even taking a second look. was i the only one who cared? that was when i realized that this girl is what i could end up if no one backs me up. ending up stuck with no help, and when help came it would have been too late. the damage is already done and these injuries will leave permanent marks. that’s why i had no choice but to not let such thing happen to her. i wouldn’t want anyone to let me down, i wanted help but i can’t deserve help if i didn’t need it in the first place. i wasn’t in need just yet, the only thing i could hope for is for someone to save me when it counts. once i took the  little girl on my back. i told her about my situation and why helping others is very important. she simply kept nodding at every word i say, i didn’t need proof from her or anyone else. i was just happy to be that someone who helped, not the one who needed help. the family thanked me and i went away about my day. after this incident, i began to be more open and sleeked help when i needed it, rather than letting it all for myself and sink down in darkness once again.